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Hospital Transfer from the eyes of the Midwife

It was four days all together. Four full 24 hour days. We were awake for most of the time. Yes. That's humanly possible. That's the length a Midwife will go for her clients. It's part of holding space. They're in it. And so are we. We don't have staff to rotate. We chose that as part of our career. We willingly gave up the option of working in the system and part of that trade off means we work alone or in very small groups. What we value means that much. We know our clients more intimately. We lay down ourselves for the women and families we serve. On purpose. With eyes wide open. And when we have to transfer to the hospital, it hurts. We are already tired. Alone. And now walking into a system that views us as less than, unskilled, dangerous, stupid, annoying, interfering But we go. Because that's what needs to happen next in this mama's story. We need what they offer, in spite of our differences. We go Alone. And alone by the bed we sta

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