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So much bigger...she set us free!

2010 - That tribal tattoo. That tribal's the first clear and crisp image in my mind when I recall that birth. The candle light danced on the water that hugged her skin beading and dancing in tiny tidal waves over her back. Maybe this is when my own hormones kicked, in, something primal like flight or fight kicked in and burned this moment into my mind. I knew even then that this was big. It was bigger than me, her, or this moment in time. I was bearing witness to the depths of unbridled magic. Protected. Validated. Witnessed. That little head emerged and I saw. I saw her cross the bridge. She was nevermore a woman. She was forevermore a mother. And I fell in madly and even more deeply in love with the whole thing. All of it. This...thing...all wrapped up in the single word "Midwife" was already printed on my soul and I finally could read the words there. I knew what I was really meant to be. I also knew it was so much bigger than Midwifery. It was all the su…

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